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Embracing Timeless Values for Modern Success

In an era where the complexities of modern life seem to overshadow the core values that once sculpted the character of America, the Cowboy Ethics Program stands as a beacon, rekindling the spirit of the Old West in today's world. Inspired by Jim Owen's pioneering work, Cowboy Ethics – What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West, our program is dedicated to instilling a renewed sense of integrity and simplicity in business ethics.

Our Foundation


At the heart of the American frontier, it was the unwritten Code of the West that guided the pioneers and cowboys through the challenges of untamed landscapes. Our program draws upon these steadfast principles, which Jim Owen so eloquently adapted into Ten Principles to Live By. These principles serve as the bedrock of our curriculum and the compass for our journey together.

Our vision is to cultivate principled leaders who will shape a brighter future. We are committed to nurturing individuals who lead with integrity, inspire positive change, and uphold ethical values in all aspects of their lives. Through our dedication to fostering leadership grounded in principles, we aspire to contribute to a world where integrity, compassion, and innovation thrive, ensuring a better tomorrow for generations to come.



Live Each Day With Courage

Take Pride In Your Work

Always Finish What You Start

Do What Has To Be Done

Be Tough, But Fair

When You Make A Promise, Keep It

Ride For The Brand

Talk Less And Say More

Remember That Some Things Aren't For Sale

Know Where To Draw The Line


Kent Noble, a distinguished faculty member at the University of Wyoming, is renowned for his expertise in teaching principle-based leadership and ethics. Recognized as College of Business Professor of the Year and recipient of the Campus Being a Difference Award, Kent's commitment to ethical leadership is evident through his involvement with prestigious boards such as the NASBA Center for the Public Trust, Better Business Bureau, John P. Ellbogen Foundation, the Scarlett Family Foundation, and Millennium Bridge Capital. Beyond academia, he has delivered impactful presentations on leadership and ethics nationwide, empowering countless individuals to lead with integrity and contribute positively to society. Through his unwavering dedication, Kent plays a pivotal role in nurturing principled leadership and inspiring others to uphold ethical values in all aspects of life.

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